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News Alert: 19.08.2020

Staff Announcement 2020-2021. Meet our Class Teachers: 









Thank you to everyone for completing our Home Learning Survey Monkey. It was extremely useful to look at your feedback and use all of the information gathered to help us to make the Term 5 Home Learning as effective and useful as possible.

We have created a poster that lists the headlines from your feedback (black text) and our response (red text). We hope that you find this useful. 

Home Learning Survey Monkey



West Berkshire Council support for families at home.

Please click the image below to visit the website.  

They have also created this wonderful document to support home learning:

Covid 19 Support For Families




We kicked off our World Book Day 2020 by inviting all parents and carers to join us in classes between 8:30am and 9:10am for a reading and sharing books session: 





This week we have been taking part in a whole school book focus. In each class we have completed activities around "Leon And The Place Between" written by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith:

To launch our extra special book week and to ignite the children's imagination, we transformed the Assembly Hall into a circus tent! As the children entered the Assembly Hall they were absolutely mesmerized by the transformation and we were all extremely excited: 



Mrs Cantwell read the story to us. The atmosphere was magical and you could hear a pin drop throughout the story! 


This was a magical start to our book week. In classes, we completed lots of different activities related to our school book. Keep an eye on our class pages to see what we got up to! 



On Wednesday 12th February Mrs James and a team of children from the Finches and Doves' class took part in a bowling tournament! 

This was the team's first-ever tournament! All of the children had a fantastic time competing against other schools from West Berkshire. During our achievement assembly this week we were able to celebrate the team's success. Finley commented, "I was really proud of our team, especially some of the children as it was the first time that they had ever bowled". Jacob commented, "I loved being part of the bowling team, it was really fun". 

We hope that there will be more opportunities for our KS1 children to take part in bowling and sports competitions in the future!



On Monday 3rd February, Mrs Cantwell, Miss Court, Miss Floyd, Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Bailey accompanied our choir of 37 KS2 children to the O2 London.


The coach left school at 9:15am and arrived at the O2 London at 12:00pm. Parents and Carers joined us on the coach too. There was a massive buzz of excitement and singing on the coach!


When we arrived at the O2 in London, we quickly found a place to eat lunch! Once we were refueled and ready to go, we headed for the O2 entrance. We had to wait for almost an hour to enter the O2! 

Next, we headed for our seats which were in block 412. This was right at the top of the arena! It was so high and took a while for all of us to get used to it, including the adults! This was the view from our seats: 

It was so much fun sitting in our seats and watching the rest of the arena gradually fill up with the rest of the 8,000 children that made up the Young Voices Choir.

Once the choir was settled we started our 3 hour practise! Tony Hadley came out to sing his hit "Gold" to us! The Shires also sang their hit song too: 


Click the link to watch the shires: 


Click the link to watch a clip of our warm up: 


The excitement was increasing by the minute! We could not wait to perform for our families! We left our seats to eat our packed tea and to change into our special Young Voices outfits:

This was the view from our performance seats...

Beatrice's mummy got in touch with Miss Court to tell her where all of our families were sitting. Mrs Clarke was waving her pink scarf from the opposite end of the arena! We couldn't see them properly as we were so far away but we waved lots!


Finally it was time to perform. Everything went black: 

The lighting was incredible! We had torches on our arms which made a fantastic effect when all of the lights were turned off!


Here are some of our favourite songs: 

Click the link to see our performance of "Disney Duo"


Click the link to see a clip of "Monster Mash" 


Click the link to see a clip from "Best Of The West"


Urban Strides also performed during the show. The atmosphere was electric! 


When the performance had finished we had to walk back to the coach. This took a really long time because all of the 8,000 children were trying to get back to their coaches.

Our parents and carers met us at the coach, they were clapping and cheering as we got closer!

The coach arrived back at Kintbury at 12:15am. We were all very, very tired but the trip was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous experience for our school choir!


Family Learning Term 3 2020

On Friday 31st January we invited all of the families and carers to join their children in class for a morning of family learning! The parents had the opportunity to take part in both Maths and English sessions. There was a lovely atmosphere and a feeling of excitement around the school. All of the feedback from the families, governors, children, and staff have been extremely positive. We can't wait for our next family learning day! 

Here are some of our favourite moments. Click the arrows to view images of all classes:



Term 1 Highlights 2019-2020

Our Flock Rocks! Check out our beautiful Newbury Show 2019 display!