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Kintbury St.Mary's CE Primary School

Creating Memories; Building Futures

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Our Curriculum



At Kintbury St Mary’s Primary, we recognise that every pupil is an individual; each with their own unique blend of skills and talents. We aim to support every child to develop a love of life and learning by providing a curriculum which provides the knowledge, skills, challenge and support needed to enable our children to reach their full potential.  Under the umbrella of our Christian vision statement and our core school values, we aim to instil kindness, tolerance and an ability to keep ourselves and others safe in an ever changing, modern world.



At Kintbury St Mary’s, national curriculum lessons are taught discretely to ensure our children develop the knowledge and skills they need to be able to commit their learning to long-term memory.  Our classroom learning is enhanced by quality texts and engaging experiences which bring learning to life.  We make use of our beautiful school grounds, our local area and are judicious in our financial planning to ensure every child has access to our wider curriculum opportunities.  This forms our pupil curriculum pledge.


During your time at Kintbury St Mary’s you will have opportunity to:

Visit a museum, theatre, place of worship

Learn about the local area and beyond

Learn to play an instrument

Perform in front of audience

Represent our school

Listen to and read some amazing stories from around the world

Experience different cultures and festivals

See a live performance or concert

Experience outdoor learning

Go on a residential visit

Meet children from other schools

Lead others in your class or across the school

Make a difference by leading/contributing to a charitable event

Play in a competitive sports competition

Learn how it feels to learn something new which might even put you “out of your comfort zone”

Visit London

Meet an author

Our long term curriculum overview for 2023-24

KSM Mathematics Coverage Overview

KSM Physical Education Curriculum

KSM Computing Curriculum

KSM Music Curriculum

KSM Science Curriculum

If you would like further information about our curriculum, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment (Tel. 01488 658 336).