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Creating Memories; Building Futures

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We strongly value our close relationship with the families of our pupils and endeavour to provide them with all the information they need to support pupils and the school in general.

Messages to staff


If parents and carers wish to leave a quick message to teachers in the morning, they can do so at dropping-off time when a member of staff will be available at the pupils’ entrances to take messages which they will then pass on to colleagues.


Teachers are also happy to meet parents after school if an issue needs to be discussed more thoroughly. Parents need to make an appointment by calling the school office.


If parents and carers are not dropping off their children themselves, they can call the school office to leave messages, where staff will ensure the information is passed on to the relevant member of staff. The answerphone is checked throughout the day.

Parents Evenings


We pride ourselves on the fact that all parents come and meet with their class teacher during our parents’ evenings. These take place once in the Autumn term and once in the Spring term. Teachers will do their best to accommodate parents unable to attend on the designated days.

In the Summer term, parents and carers receive their child's written annual school report.

Family Learning Sessions


Our family learning sessions are extremely popular and are key events which allow parents and carers to develop their understanding of the curriculum and teaching methods. These will usually be linked in to a school development priority to help you understand how we are working to improve that area of school provision.



We email a weekly newsletter to all parents and carers which contains a wealth of information such as reports on what has been happening in school the previous week or what children and their families can look forward to in the coming days. There is also a lot of practical information such as diary dates, reminders and parish information. 

It is essential that parents and carers read the newsletter carefully every week. The newsletter is also available for download on our website, or in paper format from the school office.




We use a specialist texting service to communicate with parents when there are late changes to the school day (e.g. cancellation of club) or to send reminders. The texting service would also be key to communicate with parents and carers in the event of a school closure. It is important that parents remember to advise the school office when their mobile number changes.