Day 2

Children and adults have all had a busy day.  After a hearty breakfast, this morning we street surfed and fenced.  The children have been helping each other to learn new skills – all part of the PGL experience.  

This afternoon it was wonderful to see all the children conquering their fears on the climbing wall.  Whether they climbed to the top or part the way up, we were proud of each and every one and also for the way they supported each other in this challenge.  They have also learnt a range of survival skills – so they will be able to take the lead when you are next camping or lost in the wilderness of Berkshire!

Finally our evening activity was ‘Splash!’ – I will let you imagine what that involved!

Quotes of the day: –

Mrs Hutchings – ‘Spot really enjoyed watching the street surfing before having a go!’  

[Please note, Spot (who can be seen in our photo) is a zebra, not a donkey.]

‘Non-stop fun, exciting and lots of exercise!’  Christopher

‘Climbing was fun, but street surfing was amazing!’ Luke L

‘I was pleased with how far I climbed but I really enjoyed survivor,’ Chrismari

Posted by Melanie Higgs on 23 May 2017

Category: PGL Adventures