Day 1

Year 5 had a great first day.  They enjoyed their visit to the Big Pit where they went on the Mining Experience, down the pit itself and visited the Bath House.  As you can see, the weather was glorious.

After an uneventful coach journey, with minimal singing, they arrived at PGL Hillcrest and lost no time settling in to their accommodation.  Dinner involved a choice of chicken, fish pie or pasta bake which was followed by cheesecake.  To ensure any excess energy was used up before bedtime, all the children then played 'capture the flag' together before returning to the dormitories to get ready for bed.

When asked to reflect on their day, our adventurers shared some thoughts.  Ashley reported that, 'Big Pit was brilliant'.  Scarlett particularly enjoyed the evening games which she said were 'wicked' and enjoyed by everyone.  Jamie wanted to share that, 'It's great fun spending time with friends' and  'It's hot!' was the unanimous report of Mrs O'Halloran, Mrs Hearn and Mrs Hutchings.

Posted by Melanie Higgs on 23 May 2017

Category: PGL Adventures